Questionable Payment.

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Questionable Payment are gifts or assets that is been collected by an individual in other to give someone a special or favourable treatment in exchange for it. this type of payments is sometimes seen as illegal and unethical for someone to take gifts for in exchange of a favor especially when it is the workplace. Organizations most times prevent their employees form taken gifts from consumers or even clients. Questionable payments most times seen as bribery in most organizations which is bad and Illegal.

Questionable payments are essentially bribes, or more specifically, money or sometimes services given to a third party to receive preferential treatment. In some cultures, this isn’t seen as an unethical thing or at least as unethical as it’s seen in others. This can therefore lead to confusion both within and outside the company. Therefore, questionable payments can be seen as problematic for managers, it isn’t considered ethical in the country in which the business.

My personal experience of questionable payments.

I once worked at a company where questionable payment was been practiced, the company gave out PR to get contacts for companies, employees used this medium to make more money for their self by factoring In their own share of the money into the PR money the company is going  to pay the company in other to win the client .This was down secretly although the companies MD was aware  and encouraged it ,all she cared about was her profit of her organization .She made her organization an unethical environment .This practice was common between employees  in the sales department in company ,I was in HR department Although I noticed this unethical behavior was going on in the organization  I spoke with some sales employees to stop this unethical behavior but they didn’t stop ,This and other unethical issues happening in the organization made me resign and leave the job.

Difference between bribery and gifts in some organizations?

A gift is something of value given without the expectation of return; a bribe is the same thing given in the hope of influence or benefit. In some cases, gifts over a certain amount are disallowed; in others, they must simply be reported.

Effects of Questionable Payments in an organization?

  • Buying unnecessary or inappropriate goods & services. Corrupt payments can sometimes be concealed as bona fide expenditure.
  • Questionable invoices. Corrupt payments and bribes may be concealed in invoices.
  • Continued acceptance of poorer quality.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Unqualified third parties.
  • Incomplete travel and expenses

Gogo Nig Plc showed us how questionable payment can affect an organizations performance the organization had a culture of given out PR to their clients in other to get a contracts but this lead to the downfall of the organization .They lost clients ,they were not making profit and they even found out they were in debt .until Mr. Pepper came in with a new culture out not collecting gifts in order to restore the company ,he also did his best by investigating and laying off the staffs he found out where into this unethical acts. Its important that companies try to avoid questionable payment for the purpose of also having a good image.

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