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“Times of stress are also times that are signals for growth, and if we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity”.

  I really cannot believe it’s been two months already! I totally lost track of time. Lagos Business School has indeed been a herculean task. Have I lost weight? DUHHH!!!

Going through this process has been really difficult I must say but I can’t begin to imagine how it has impacted me positively. 

Being a baby girl who doesn’t like stress, my mental health has been put on the line. Am I surviving? YES! 

I am a strong believer of the fact that; As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, you deserve to have a vast managerial skill.

Being in LBS has been an amazing experience. It started online as hybrid sessions, but at some point, I chose to come in-class for a week because I wasn’t really feeling it online. Baby girl arrived in Lagos, and it’s now been four weeks, and I don’t want to return. 

Everything I had going on before now seems to have faded away. We made new friends and were taught by wonderful faculty members who pushed us to be better. LBS has a great relaxed atmosphere, and most importantly, I am genuinely learning, and everything here promotes that process. I am a huge believer in self-improvement. I want to be this refined, well-rounded leader in the future, and the LBS provides me with everything I need to be a very sound business leader. 

I’ll tell you what, analysis of business problems is one class I truly enjoy, it’s as though I’m sitting here thinking and then thinking about my thinking. Lol!!!

Structures for learning and better ways to examine and make decisions… 

For management communication and presentation, I used to be nervous when I had to give a public speech, but I’m getting a hand of it now.

When you mention value and purpose, two topics that pique my interest are business and leadership. When the relevant sources are used, outstanding outcomes can be obtained through the quest of knowledge. 

What better place to learn about these two concepts than at the Lagos Business School? So far, it has been a very instructive adventure, and the best is still yet to come. there is no doubt that meeting the most intellectual minds in Nigeria, in an institution marked for excellence has had an amazing effect on me.   has had a tremendous effect on me after just two months in the program. This is a voyage of self-discovery and purpose. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

I am so excited about my decision; I can’t wait to see this woman I am gradually becoming. My refined self-ready for my short term and long – term goals, making impact all over the world. Coming to the Lagos Business School is by far the best decision I have made.

So we proceed with the journey bearing in mind that what God cannot do, does not exist.


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