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It was a sunny day in December 2020, when I walked into the campus of the Lagos Business School. It was not the first time I was here, but for some reason, it is still my most memorable visit. I remember walking into the compound and feeling slightly disappointed. I thought would be bigger! The mental image I had of universities was one of large expanses of land and great populations. I believe this image was influenced by my alma mater, University of Benin, which is a Federal school on Federal land.

My fixation was also in part, due to the larger than life image of the university I had constructed in my mind. This was the renowned Lagos Business School for Christ’s sake! Everything should be big and beautiful.

However, during our brush-up program, the MBA director had a talk with us and mentioned in passing, that the quality of a school is not in the size, but in the quality of faculty. That statement triggered a paradigm shift within me and I realized the extent of my myopia. Great institutions are not formed by great expanses of land, but by the aggregation of great minds. Since then, I have begun to see the school in a new light.

I have met great and patient teachers, wonderful classmates who I do not hesitate to blog about, and other interesting things like the beautiful food served in the cafeteria which only recently became very expensive. We are still in the early stages, and I am excited to see what comes next and what comes after that.

LBS. I think I like it here.

PS: Please whoever reads this, kindly remind management to find means to reduce food prices.

Written by Ijeweme Odiawa
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