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Looking back, it feels like so many years have passed but it has just been a few months. When Dr. Eugene brought up the topic of presentations, I was confident about it; My project defence in school, and it was really good. I thought it would be a walk in the park for me; I did not a lot of effort into it until I had my first presentation and it was a flop. 

It was tough but I learned: every failure is a lesson, perceive negative feedback as an opportunity to be better. It is funny how I did not consider these words until I needed them. My second presentation was fair. I was still timid and not confident because I did not perform well in the previous presentation. I was audible, I passed my message across even though I was not convincing.

People react differently to negative feedback; everything is like a challenge to me. If I hear anything negative, I process how to do better and be better. The negative feedback was helpful, I took more time in preparing for the next presentation.

The beginning of something good:

We had a case to analyze: I had this feeling I was going to present for my group. Listening is more of my thing and so I was expecting to get called up to present. I told my group members that I was going to be called. We prepared for the case, read it, and understood it, knowledge of my topic of discussion worked. I took the time to prepare well, rehearsed in front of my group members and I got called.

When it was time, the whole class was clapping, showing encouragement, it was satisfying knowing they had my back. I presented the case on Target corporation, it was good, I was audible, convincing, knowing the case gave me confidence.

After this presentation, I kind of felt untouchable, I can present on any topic. All I have to do is gain knowledge on my topic, prepare, know my audience. 

Now we are here, I am watching everyone present, I saw people overcome their stage fright, portray confidence. People like John Paul, Olumide, and others blew the crowd away, things that I thought were impossible are happening. This could not have been possible without the teachings of Dr. Eugene Ohu and Dr. Atinuke Adelakun, this post is to thank you for your hard work and time invested in getting us here.

I am not perfect yet but I am getting there.


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