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Ladies and gentlemen,

Give it up for the one, the only,

“D I V E R S I T Y”

“…and the crowd goes wild”

We all go to concerts. The latest trending rave in town, featuring top headlining acts, and the biggest show promoters in the industry all in attendance to grace the stage and make the event a memorable one. Possibly the most talked-about rave in town with illuminating pictures and videos surfing the world wide web.

Crazy how we go for these shows all dressed up in our fiery outfits, banging sneakers, fascinating hairdos, and “LOTS OF ICE”. #GetMeLit #FireEmoji #DRIP.

It all starts with an idea

Some call it a flash, some a revelation, to others, they had dreams. As much as it sounds like an illusion, it all began with an idea. A thought process took place that led to a concept that needed to be analyzed, harnessed, properly planned, and executed.


“No man is an island. Great minds think alike.”

 One could assume he knows it all but in fact, knows nothing. We have all heard the popular phrase “SORO SOKE”. An idea shared with creatives that think alike and have common values and interests broadens the production process, and creates room for more ideas. Different ideas are born, experiences are shared and diverse ways to plan and execute are awakened.

Aside from ideas, the availability of resources comes into play when it comes to collaboration, most especially when it comes to financing.

Most concerts are high budget projects, involving food, refreshments, entertainment, location, logistics, security and medical allowances (to ensure crowd control and safety), quality sound, stage, and lighting.

Believe it or not, a lot of proposals are sent to various media companies and institutions to seek funding or some sort of provision that could contribute to the success of the production.

Although resources do not necessarily mean just funding. It could also involve connections, contacts, leadership qualities, and permission from local authorities to host a gathering of people, depending on the magnitude.


Advertising involves the use of marketing strategies that bring awareness to the target audience and these include the use of mediums such as billboards, radio and television appearances, social media influence, word of mouth, etc.

Practice makes perfect

A lot of sleepless nights and background preparations go into the planning of any event. The vendors need to get all materials before the due date to avoid the last-minute rush.

The featured artist rehearses his performance before the day of the event and readily makes his playlist available to the band or the disc jockey.

The disc jockey should have a properly mapped out playlist to get the crowd pumped and confirm his sound quality before the event.

Security personnel must be ready to tackle any intruders who try to sabotage the show and also control raging obsessed fans who don’t showcase acceptable behavior.


It’s showtime.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With proper planning and effective communication between the various factors involved, the full support, drive, and will of fans that enthusiastically purchase tickets to come party, the projected outcome should be positive, and hopefully it breaks the internet and social media space, making the fans want more and expect the next rave.

Sweet white wine, cos there’s no Hennessy…”

“I’m just running on vibes”

Ladipoe & Fireboy – Running.

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