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We were taught in class that you can suffer from analysis paralysis. Oh well, guess what guys? I’m currently suffering from blogging paralysis.

I started my week on a lighter note, went out with a few friends and just tried to catch a breath from the daily huddle life continually throws at me. I’m the fun-loving type and as such, I try to always manage my time effectively to still partake in the many joys of life. Managing an MBA and a “side business” hasn’t been entirely easy, but what has ever been easy?

I had my school work “at the back of my mind” the whole time and the thought of what I will be blogging for the week. It’s been over 72 hours and I haven’t been able to come up with an article. I thought to myself.

What is happening?

I can’t seem to put my thoughts together to come up with something comprehensive, something “blog-worthy”. I pondered and wondered as I got lost in my train of thoughts.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I might possibly be experiencing paralysis. I asked myself, “Is it possible I’m suffering from blogging paralysis?”

Before we decipher what this means or if it is even a term let’s talk about the “known knows” which is analysis paralysis.

Analysis paralysis occurs when you overthink or overanalyse a situation and can’t come to a decision. This happens a whole lot because as humans even the “no brainers” can sometimes be a hassle.

Over-analysis kills creativity as it doesn’t help in getting things done. There are several studies in psychology and neuroscience in this context and they all point to the fact that analysis paralysis takes a greater toll on producing than just lost time. It lowers performance and can be mentally tasking.

Oh well, I couldn’t get to wrap my head around what I deemed blog-worthy so I decided to relate it to this term. I tried to “google my symptoms” to justify my bias but then I still didn’t deem my findings enough to justify this sudden pause in creativity.

Just like the man, who went out to search for happiness that was right in front of him the whole time I decided to pen down my thoughts. My article was right in front of me the whole time but I just couldn’t decipher it because I was overthinking and searching for a “blog-worthy” topic.

Sometimes, these things are easier than we can decipher. Breath, enjoy the many joys of life and let the creativity flow.

Finally, I will like to share my “simple recipe” for blogging paralysis. Do not overthink it, just write!

Your Brand is your story

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