Small things with great love

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If everyone considered themselves as instruments for the dispersal of compassion, perhaps we’d have less misery, hardship and appreciate our humanity.

I have a duty of care! I’d happily bear the responsibility of caring for others! Kant calls it an “imperfect” duty; this is because we cannot potentially care for everyone in all of the ways that are necessary, so we then decide how much and what sort of care we serve, and we become good people by how well we accomplish our commitments.

Enough with the ‘I’ll help you provided you help me’ twaddle. You were delighted when you received care from your parents, relatives, and even acquaintances throughout your life, but then you chose to attach conditions to offering compassion to some other person.

If everyone considered themselves as instruments for the dispersal of compassion, perhaps we’d have less misery and hardship and appreciate our humanity.

In the world today, only a few are seeking their calling and something to cling to, something that gives life significant meaning and value. This need for a deeper purpose in life is evidence that the human soul is pure, and it reinforces the notion that we are not satisfied with merely going through life. We are searching for friendships and a way to harness our positive energies to the rest of the world.

MBA-20, what your positive energy? What do you propose to do now that you've heard so much about 'ethics,' 'obligation,' and 'responsibility?'

My energy is directed towards expressing compassion for others; loving them with all of my heart, as well as dedicating myself to charity. I can’t articulate how rewarding it is to help others; it gives me a profound sense of fulfillment. When this happens to me, I recognize purpose. This is something that every genuine leader who is intent on serving others rather than being served by others can relate to. The feeling is invaluable.

Start with a basket instead of waiting until you have a trailer load

Man is he who forgets his own interests for the sake of others. His own comfort he forfeits for the well-being of all. Nay, rather, his own life must he be willing to forfeit for the life of mankind. Such a man is the honor of the world of humanity. Such a man is the glory of the world of mankind… Such a man is the very manifestation of eternal bliss.


Written by Norah Charles
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Man’s Freedom

Chinyere Monye in General
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4 Replies to “Small things with great love”

  1. Norah, this is giving me ‘awww’ vibes, I want to go back to my job.
    Some of the same people that received unconditional gifts from their parents and loved ones now attach conditions to those same people that lived selflessly for them, how much more the world?

    We truly must embrace the Ubuntu and know we have a duty to care for people. After all, little drops of kindness, make the world go round.

    1. Thank you, Chinwe. You’re absolutely correct.
      Indeed, there is oneness to humanity as we’re all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eyes.💕

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