Loyalty: The Act of Being Loyal

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Loyalty: The Act of Being Loyal

The Act: Professional & Personal Loyalty

Loyalty is needed in our day-to-day life as well as our professional lives. It is ethical to be loyal and loyalty is incomplete without sacrifice. I always ask, “what is loyalty without sacrifice?”. Please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section if you disagree with the sacrificial aspect. Loyalty in a lame man’s term is the ability to render faithful “services” to the person, persons, or organization in question. I am loyal when I am faithful to the commitments of others, especially people I hold in high esteem and where I work.

Loyalty is Not Accidental

Most times, loyalty either to another or organization is not accidental but deliberate. Professional loyalty happens because of a very good ethical organizational practice. It maybe a very good boss. An excellent team-lead, very understanding spouse, or relations. Also, our supportive friends or neither of the above mentioned. It is almost unrealistic to be loyal to another by mistake. Just like you cannot make sacrifice for another by mistake. Maybe possible but I beg to differ most of the time. As a result, loyalty becomes intentional. Something often sparks loyalty. I personally want to be loyal to my supervisor at a new place of work. It is not because I know her but because she is my boss. Especially because I have things to learn from her and for smooth relationship. My eyes on the goal will cost me to be loyal.

Personal Definition

Personally, I define loyalty as an act that requires sacrifice, faithfulness, commitment, honesty, respect and pure investment of time. I am showing allegiance, solidarity, compliance, and care to someone else or an organization. It means you can trust me; it means I’ve got you. Some organizations need to see your zeal and loyalty before giving you responsibilities. Loyalty in work place these days are rare to find, possible though. We are quick to want to move on to another job, forgetting that there is more to job than salary. “What is more than money”? you ask. Well, organization’s ability for training and growth. Never compromise your ability to grow for money; call this “things money cannot buy”. Also, sustainability in the long term. The question is, “beyond salary, will I grow professionally here? Do they invest in staff training? How often do staff get trained?”. Also, consider staff turnover.

Organizational Need

Organizations want staff that are loyal, they want to trust you. To give you responsibilities and be sure you will deliver with minimal or no supervision. Supervisors loves subordinates that listens, loyal, ready to learn, enthusiastic, positive minded, well driven, smart, and responsible. Loyalty is service rendered; it is not rendered for selfish reasons, it meets individual and external goals. There is a place of wisdom in loyalty, ability to act rationally and consider all factors before deciding. This is key for mid-level or senior level employees.

To Do List For You!

Life is short, so build good relationships, show integrity. Long lasting relationships will help you now and in future. Be humble enough to be corrected. Loyal people embrace correction in service, it is part of training. There is always something to learn and truth is, you do not know it all. Growth is progressive and being loyal helps your growth process. Sacrifice or rendering service has a positive rub off on loyalty, they work in par. Loyalty varies, it is weighed based on the person or people involved, this calls for applying wisdom. Don’t keep changing jobs like clothes. As an HR Professional, I can tell you it is not good for your CV. Potential employer will see you as unserious. You may not be there to defend yourself. At least, stay in a job for minimum of two years. Money is not enough reason to leave, never forget!

To Be Professionally Loyal…

Professional loyalty to a firm means being loyal to the firm’s purposes and values. Loyal to what it stands for and to what it is trying to achieve. Running with the goals and objectives of the organization as a team player and keeping confidential information private. When you work in a firm that takes pride in their employees, you are obliged to be loyal. A company that ensures your growth through trainings and makes sure you are rightly promoted deserves your loyalty. A firm that does not discriminate, operates open door policy, motivates, and gives incentives deserves your loyalty. A firm that sees you as an asset deserves your loyalty. Do not be lazy, loyal people are dedicated to productivity for self and organization.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, though you may get job opportunities with bigger pay out there but consider the following in the new company: staff turnover, growth chance, work environment, training opportunities-, short- and long-term pros & cons etc. The point is, it is not first about the money, other things are involved. When you are loyal to people or a company, that person or company reciprocates as a result of your loyalty. We all need loyalty, don’t we?

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