The Tragic Fall!!!

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On the 1st of November 2021, which was earlier this week there was said to be a tragic fall of a 21-story building which collapsed at Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria. The scene was a very terrible and disheartening one, what we can call a black Monday in Nigeria. The building was said to under construction when it collapsed this incident occurred at about 1.30pm, I cannot even imagine the sight. People were said to be trapped inside the collapsed building both employers, employees and even those that came for business meeting that would not take up too few minutes were caught up in this ugly situation. This is a situation I would not wish for my worst enemy.

How the fall started?

Eyewitness notified that the building started falling from one side of the building, when the buildings pillar broke which that led to this tragic fall, A rescue team was introduced to try and rescue the trapped victims a few people have been found still breathing but many bodies are still stuck in the building neither dead nor alive no one has any idea.

Should the Government be blamed for this?

Most accusing fingers have been pointed towards the government direction since this tragic fall happened ,the government is been blamed for negligence ,Information also got out that the building was meant to be a 15 floor project plan but they went ahead to approve it even when the consultants advised they made the building a 15 story building but they made the building a 21storery building , it is obvious that this little act of negligence must have led to this tragic fall. Although the government is trying to do everything in their power to get the victims stuck in this building out. Few bodies have been rescued with the help of the National Emergency Management Agency and LASEMA Lagos State Fire Service, relatives of the affected victims were said to be outside the building hoping to her that the bodies od their loved ones are being found.

One of the touching stories for me was one of the victim known to be Miss Onyinye Enekwe ,26yrs of age who just got a job on the building and was meant to get married next month, A food vendor and her (9) nine-year-old daughter are also said to be trapped in the building this event has brought so much pain and emotional breakdown for family members and loved ones of this victims, this incident is indeed a tragic loss.

The government also made effort to make sure that heavy duty equipment’s and life detection equipment we available at the scene to save as many lives as possible, eyewitness also made mention that residents of the area where the incident occurred also tried their possible best to start saving lives before the government could get to the scene which their help. This tragic fall was a very disheartening one and the government should try on their end to make sure that incidents like this don’t happen again in our country.

RIP to victims affected.

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