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 “So you too want to do an MBA?”

Doing an MBA requires grit and a level of fortitude to give your best always, so the life of an MBA student is unique in several ways.

I am sure a lot of your friends would have been so happy for you when you told them you were coming for an MBA, right? 

They took you shopping, some prayed for you and gave you gifts in cash and kind, right? 

But, did they also mention that an MBA is not for the feeble hearted and weak? 

I watched some MBA students’ videos on YouTube and they always looked excited, I thought that was all there was to this, had I known, would I still have signed up? 

Nobody whispered to my ears that MBA is tough! I was chilling at home and thought I will come and chill some more in LBS. I mean, it is Lagos, the popular city for chill and flex. Little did I know that reality was about to burst my bubbles.

So, let me tell you what it is like. 

Have you heard that MBA is a tough program and only the tough can really survive here?

Are you aware that the MBA was designed to stretch you and bring out your entrepreneurial juice? I know you are wondering if you are strong enough for this. Do not worry, you will learn to stretch and multitask in no time.

I cannot count how many times I sighed in relief that I have made progress in my assignments and case studies and the next thing is more assignments! It seems like they have an alarm that tells them when I have reduced workload. 

The reward for good work is more work, yeah? Maybe that is the favorite quote in this MBA town.

Or do I have to tell you that the courses offered were designed to crack your brain and make you think in a constructive manner?

Do you know that if you did not grow up in Lagos, your own stretching will be double? I mean, the other day I was complaining to the MBA director and some classmates just said ‘welcome to Lagos.’ I can testify that in this Lagos, there is drama everyday. Extraordinary everyday!

I cannot remember when I stayed at a junction for more than 5 mins to get a vehicle in my local area, but Lagos has trained me to get comfortable with waiting for 30 mins, because I cannot run after a moving bus or cross the road in a hurry when two trailers are coming my way.

One day, my bike defaulted and could not meet up with my pick up time from school, so I had to use another one. The guy just decided to practice ‘fast and furious’ with my life, I was panicking and it got to a point he shouted back at me , “if I no say you no fit stay on top bike, I no for carry you, which kain nonsense be this one?”

I could not even believe my ears. 

Typical School day 

Wake up time is a constant 4am because, you have to start your day early. I pray by this time and my prayers are an important part of my day. I read my books for 1 hour to get into the student mode for the day. Then I am off by 6am to run for 30 minutes. 

I get back by 6:30am and start preparing my breakfast and lunch for the day.

By 7:30am, my bike is waiting for me to take me through the ever busy streets of Lagos. 

In school 

School typically starts with group meeting by 8am and it lasts for 1 hour. Then, we proceed to our first class by 9am till 10:15am, and then we are allowed to have breakfast for 30 mins. 

We continue lectures till 3:30pm with breaks in between classes. At least 2 more assignmnents join the previous ones you were battling with at the end of the day. Hmmmm, and your only consolation remains ‘for one to grow, one must be stretched’

Do you think you can go home immediately when your group leader is calling for an emergency meeting? 

After the emergency meeting, the group leader announces that there will be group meeting by 7pm to submit an impromptu assignment. Then other pleasantries will last till 5pm. 

I get home by 5:30pm and start preparing my dinner. I remember there is a group meeting and I join group meeting by 7pm-8pm on zoom. After this, I tidy up undone assignmnets and read cases till 12am.

It’s not up to my prescribed 6 hours of sleep, before I am up again to continue the race.

The Reality

Life battles do not always go to the swift and strongest. Yes, but for this race we have come to run here, speed and endurance are necessary.

A big shout out to the ones who have gone ahead of us and shown us that it is a worthy path and one can be made successful out of it

I will keep pushing through, till I get to the end.



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