Bane of Africa-Mindset!

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The Mindset is a collection of beliefs and thoughts that make up the mental attitude, inclination, habits, or disposition that predetermines a person’s interpretation and responses to events, circumstances, and situations. The mindset of African and Africans is what has held her hostage over the centuries, this is because one cannot rise above his/her thoughts. Africa is blessed with abundant resources both human and natural. It possesses the highest deposit of most minerals in the world. It also boasts of several forests and wildlife reserves, although most of the species in the wild are on the brink of extinction. Interestingly, I have linked Africa’s current mindset with that of Israel during the time of Moses and Joshua.

After Joseph (Former Prime Minister of Egypt) had died, the Israelites continued to live in the of land Goshen. A portion of fertile land that was given to Joseph and his people by Pharoah. After many years, another Pharoah rose to power and demanded that Israelites should become labourers for the construction of Egypt’s monuments and buildings. That signalled the beginning of slavery.

The Almighty God raised Moses (A Jew) to lead His people (Israel) out of Egypt, the Israelites exhibited four negative behaviours that eventually caused them to wonder in the desert for four forty years. These behaviours include Small-mindedness, Scarcity-minded, Simple-minded, Slave-minded. Let me try to break it and connect with the current Africa:

  • Small-minded: The Israelis were comfortable in Goshen, even when the population and livestock had increased astronomically. The Israelis were comfortable and felt there was no need to move location. Africa currently faces a population explosion, and most of its citizens live in the urban region, this puts pressure on the limited resources in the urban areas. This eventually leads to poor utilization of resources and lack of willingness to create wealth through jobs in other regions. This is the bane of Africa’s stagnation.
  • Scarcity-minded: the Israelite of old felt that they didn’t have enough even when God had assured them through Moses that whatever they needed had been provided. The Israelite kept murmuring and complaining. Africans exhibit a high level of scarcity mindset, and this has played out in our quality of leadership. The mentality that resources and money is running out and that one should amass as much as possible when given an opportunity. The mentality that one will not succeed in life without stealing is the most singular reason for the misappropriation of public resources and corruption in general. Scarcity mindset causes bad governance and poor quality of service.
  • Slave-minded: Even when God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt through Moses, they people kept murmuring if an immediate need was not met. They even expressed their desire to go back to slavery in Egypt. The same pattern still plays out in Africa; the African continent has a high number of educated people but how has their knowledge been applied to transform Africa? We still turn to the western countries for road construction, purchase of Aeroplanes, and exploration of natural resources. Africa do not even invest in research. Africans do not believe in themselves; they still rely on the expertise of the former colonial masters to get things done. The lack of independence makes Africa subservient to other continents. This is a slave mentality.
  • Simple-minded: The Israelites of old lacked confidence, boldness, and vision. Of the twelve spies sent to Canaan, only two (Caleb and Joshua) gave a positive report. In Africa, we paint a lot of doom and gloom scenarios, there are lots of superstitions and negative beliefs. These has impeded creativity, innovation, and progress in Africa. It is of vital importance, therefore, that African(s) change their ways of thinking, to engender a sustainable growth and development.  

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