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She steps out of a super clean white Range Rover, High heels, Gucci bag, Rolex wristwatch, hair laid perfectly with the edges on fleek with a short metallic silver-colored dress, the scent of her cologne was so captivating, it drew the attention of the crowd, who is she? They utter, she walks in, and all eyes gazed….


Successful 21st-century women hold the proverb 31 women as their role models. Assume a perfect picture of a busy woman, rushing to work, running a business, making investment decisions, and volunteering her time for charitable causes.


The typical successful woman is consumed daily with multiple obligations and responsibilities, sometimes all at once. A successful woman is expected to have everything figured out and planned for her daily routine. She is expected to be up by 5:00 am to prepare documents for work, on getting to work, the first two hours of her time is spent on meetings. Immediately after the supposed last meeting, she gets a call from a CEO of a top company requesting her presence for another meeting. She could have well sent a team of delegates to represent her and the firm but because of her drive and passion, she would drop her schedule to represent the firm. She has built a name amongst the top companies as a strong and tough lady whose drive and passion for success are unshakable. From office to office in the daily routine of a smart successful woman who spends ample time with the company trying to get the company on par or above the competition. She is overly consumed with the pursuit of financial success and has no time for her personal life.


The fuel for success is good physical and mental health. Extreme focus on work takes the blame for activities preferred to a detriment of her wellbeing

“Life is like a generator, which needs maintenance from time to time. Failure in doing so leads to a complete breakdown”

The lack of an appropriate mix of social and professional life has an impact on her productivity. No time to meet new friends or keep up with old friends, no time to start a family just focused on her career. In the quest for meeting deadlines, our woman completely forgets about herself without realizing that deadlines are inevitable. In the long run, this would affect her work productivity and might lead to a complete breakdown of her mental and physical health. 


Finding a balance between work life, social life, and your health is the key to success”

Our smart money woman is a successful young lady, a beauty consultant, and a fashion lover. She is committed to building her beauty brand and is emerging as one of the leading beauty artists in her field. She is driven by her passion and earns a lot of money from it. In lieu of expanding her knowledge, she decided to go for an MBA which has been tasking, but regardless of her busy schedule, she still manages to find a balance between schooling, working, and having a functional social life.

She is smart and talks the talk of money, when she walks in, she commands attention with her class and free-spirited nature, going from table to table interacting and dancing all through the night. “Who is that lady?” a random man asked. Then a colleague responded, that she is the CEO of justfab_signaturez. His face lit up in wonder thinking how such a young beautiful lady could accomplish so much and still be the life of the party.

Her grace and success have been independent of people’s view of a successful woman but the fact that she tries to live her dreams and passion and make an impact on the younger generation.

I am smart, I stand tall in the face of challenges, I stay true to my purpose, I am financially independent and I am a super-smart money woman.

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