Gaining MASTERY OF The ENGLISH Language.

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English language is said to be one of the widely acceptable language and since we use it in our daily communication neither by writing, speaking, or listening we find it easy. Most people even speak English more than they speak their mother tongue. I always thought English language was one of the easiest subjects without identifying the fact that I had to gain mastery of the language first.

Big Question How well do we have mastery of the language?

This one question my management communication lecture would always ask, and I find out that English language is not about speaking or writing Grammar because that’s the idea we have always had as kids while growing up. We always think anyone that can speak big words can speak good English and has mastery of the language. During the brush up session of my MBA programme, I realized my ignorance of the use of little English principle like where to use a punctuation mark in sentence, I personally didn’t see the need to put as low as a full stop when writing because I felt the reader should know that I am done writing. I have come to realize that when writing punctuation marks are very important and useful to express oneself effectively in English language.

Having full mastery of the language requires one to know to effectively use the language and not speak because of the society speaks in a certain way so it should be acceptable .When writing we should be able to write in terms that anyone that picks up or given to read what is written by you should be able to understand what you wrote without the assistance of any one or a dictionary, because most times when people in order to show that they know big words and have good knowledge of the dictionary, their script or notes is said not to be easy to read without assistance.

Our pronunciation while speaking we should be able to speak in the correct manner, most people don’t have effective mastery on how to utter their words or sound in the right manner to show that they have full mastery of the English language .Effective pronunciation of the language is one of the key things that are been looked out for in a good public speaker in other for his/her audience to effectively communicate to the message the speaker is trying to pass across .when you have good mastery of the language  when you are speaking you get to have a sense of self confidence while speaking .

Spelling checks as effective writers we should able to spell correctly and not have bad spelling when writing because spellings is one of the most important factor when it comes to writing ,when a writers spelling is bad his readers wont be able to read or understand the message his trying to pass across .In other to make sure that we don’t fall short when it comes to our spelling when writing its important that we give ourselves task to learn the write pronunciation of words and how they are spelt correctly in order gain full mastery of the language .

I have come to realize the need for people to pay attention to gaining full mastery of English language it would help us in how we express ourselves with the use of English language neither by writing, speaking, reading.

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