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 In the course of the week, I watched a documentary titled ‘NOWHERE TO RUN’ and indeed, my heart bled and I wept for the nation. A lot is really happening and we are somewhat quiet about it? Our environment, whose responsibility? It’s ours, we all are responsible! One of the issues we have had to deal with over the years, is this issue of ‘Climate Change’.

What is climate change? This is a periodic modification of earth’s climate, brought about as a result of changes in the atmosphere as well as interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors within the earth system. Climate change has a very fundamental effect in the changes we see today. Over the years, continued human activities like deforestation, oil spill, improper disposure of wastes, gas flaring et cetera, have contributed immensely to this ‘change’.

Gas Flaring: According to 2007 report of the world bank, Nigeria accounts roughly for one-sixth of worldwide gas flaring. About 45million tonnes of gas is being flared daily in Nigeria (what a waste!), which is very hazardous to the environment, contributing immensely to global warming, acid rain, breathing difficulties and the likes.

Oil Spill: This is the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, due to human activity thereby causing water pollution, land pollution, et cetera. Over the years, aquatic life has been threatened as a result of oil spillage, thereby making large number of fish species to become extinct and in process, renders fish farmers jobless and deprive fish consumers of their nutritional benefits. Oil spill on farmlands also threatens plant life, thereby depriving inhabitants of the affected areas, their means of livelihood. What then should these farmers do? How will they take care of their families?

Deforestation: This is the clearing or thinning of forests by humans. Deforestation represents one of the largest issues in global land use. This is a going concern and it calls for our attention. Deforestation leads to desertification, encourages erosion and renders wild life homeless. We need to make deliberate efforts to curb this act. In addition, mangroves, which ought to serve as a form of resistance in the advent of flood, are gradually reducing, thereby exposing our environment to the direct impact of flood which then lead to loss of lives, houses, arable lands, livestock and ultimately, a collapse of economic activities. Indeed, nowhere to run to. 

In the light of all these, what then should we do?

* We all need to begin to see our environment as a resource we need to conserve, preserve and protect. This is a collective effort and we all have our part to play. Deforestation should be controlled, then ultimately stopped and afforestation should be encouraged. In addition, the useful energy being wasted via gas flaring should be converted into clean energy solution, that is, Gas to power energy. This is a possibility. Let’s all arise and do the needful! It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

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