Questionable payments are normal in Nigeria

Olasubomi Alli-Balogun Written by Olasubomi Alli-Balogun · 2 min read >

Questionable payments can be looked at as the gifts in form of funds or assets given to another individual in exchange for favorable treatment, it is not always looked at as illegal but it is unethical. Bribes are also examples of questionable payments.

Questionable payments have an impact on society, It discourages fairness, for instance, a government contract for repairs on the road is about to be given out to organizations or companies with the capability of carrying it out, the bid for the contract is between company A, B, and C, an individual who works for company B pays a top-level staff in the Ministry for works a sum of 5 million dollars, a certain percentage of the allowance awarded for the contracts and favorable decisions, his organization has the capacity to in terms of equipment but do not have the required knowledge of carrying out the project, it indirectly creates a bias in the mind of the person giving out the contract, they do not consider others if they are more qualified and more suitable to carry out the project.
Eventually, when operation begins, they start the project and end it according to the plans submitted to the government, the roads is cracked, they do not take into effect how drainage of the roads will be built, when rain falls, it floods everywhere, the community suffers, it creates mistrusts in the society when corruption prevails in the society, people do not believe the word or promises made by the government, it creates resistance, a lot of people question the motive of others, they think they have something to gain from helping out, it becomes hard to make changes in the society, people do not trust the government, also leads the government or agencies to create different bills in other to gain more money from the public.

When government officials get favorable payments on their part from awarding or performing their jobs, other bills come into place just to extort more from the citizens, focus is placed on the agency in charge of road safety and other agencies. the amount of bills generated just for driving a car is intense, all the documents we have to pay for can be issued by just one agency and at a reduced cost, the roadworthiness expires every year and it has to be renewed the following year.

Society becomes hard to govern, people decide not to pay taxes because they believe the government will embezzle funds and not direct the funds towards the required project it is meant to treat, hospital sector needs improvement but the president of a country decides to travel out for medical checkup, funds spent on traveling can be invested in a good hospital here and he can have treatments in his country as other presidents do.
When the senior staff is found to be corrupt, it encourages his subordinates to also engage in such acts, focusing on the Governor of a particular State who was recorded collecting bribes but still in power and sits in the office, how can he encourage staff under him to do the right thing, which makes it hard for investors to invest and trust the society in which they want to work in, discourages them, creates lots of bureaucracy in releasing funds, how can the government keep them accountable if they can buy their way out of everything, no accountability, the citizens of the country do not get justice.


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