Are We All Equally Dumb?

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A normal distribution talks about how a lot of things cluster around the average. In simple terms, it refers to how so many values in life are around the average point; e.g. shoe sizes, height, IQ, etc. This phenomenon is very common in nature and I will be focusing on IQ in this article.

Normal Distribution

Normal distribution explains so many things around us. It is the reason why it is rare to see extremely holy/good people or extremely bad/evil people. Nearly everyone is around the ok mark, with some tilting a bit to good and some tilting a bit to bad. This article will not be going in depth into calculations, it is simply a short read on how we are all very similar.

Are We All Equally Dumb?

This is the point where everyone is quick to argue, with each person stating they are smarter than most people. The problem here is that IQ is different from what you currently know. What you currently know could be attributed to exposure; not everyone gets a chance to watch the movies you have watched, or read the books you have. IQ refers to how well you absorb information and how you use that information for problem solving and critical thinking.

For very poor children with high IQs, they are starved of information to absorb; but you start to notice how brilliant a lot of them are when exposed to simple problems to solve. On the flip side, there are rich people who have been exposed to so many things, through travel and other experiences, but lack critical thinking or problem-solving skills.

The truth is we are all normally distributed around an average point in terms of IQ. With very few people having learning disabilities and some being geniuses. Everyone likes to thing of themselves as geniuses, but that isn’t how life works. Like all our parents claiming they topped their classes when they were younger, we now know it might be true for some, but highly unlikely they all did.

What Separates Us?

We are all the same, but we also differ greatly. This is because you are not defined by just your IQ. You are a unique collection of skills and knowledge that are unique only to you. What you bring to any team or discussion will always have your own flavor mixed in. These unique collections of things that make up “You” is what gives each person their strengths, weaknesses, drive and aspirations.

We have been conditioned to each consider ourselves special or different from everyone else. But it is the similarities that allow us to share ideas with each other, understand people’s motivations and work together to a common goal or achievement. It is what keeps society going and what allows us to form communities.


You may be seen as intelligent in a field like engineering, but be completely lost in something as simple as politics. Being lost doesn’t mean you are dumb or unintelligent, you just lack needed information and this is the simplest problem to solve most times.

Do not look at intelligence as just how much you know; it is a collection of all our experiences during our journey through life, all managed by our IQ. Have a lovely rest of the day and keep seeking knowledge.

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