Should Employers Open their doors to Employees?

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Open door policy in an organization is the practice by organizational mangers to leave their doors open for their employees to come in and talk to them not necessarily formal conversations but also informal. most managers welcome this practice while running the organization to create a friendly and conductive working environment. Employers practice this policy in other to also hear their employee’s opinion on some certain issues. Organizations adopt this culture in other to unite all their employees in other for them to be able to deliver their jobs at their best ability. The values, policies, ideologies, and beliefs of an organization form its culture. The culture of any workplace decides the way employees behave with their fellow workers. The employees are the assets of an organization who must contribute effectively to achieve the targets within the desired time frame. Employers should be able to interact with his employees from time to time to encourage them and motivate them they should also remind them in every little way they can that they are assets and not machines.

Why is it advisable to have Open-door policy?

1.Open door policy encourages effective communication between the employee and the management-When an organization runs an open-door policy it improves effective communication and creates room for employees to share their opinion and talk to their employees about personal issues that might be affecting their jobs, communication is a said to be improved also among employees and not just between the employees and managers.

2.There is no room for confusion when the employees directly interact with their superiors-Employees tend to be motivated when task are been given to them by their mangers and they don’t see their manger as their enemies in some organization’s employees see their employers as their enemies thereby calling them all sort of names behind them. situations like this can be avoided when open door policy culture is introduced in the daily running of the organization.

3.The open-door policy enables the employees to seek their boss’s help and freely discuss things with them for better clarity- Open door policy is essential for effective communication, proper feedbacks, and better output. With the help of the open-door policy, the employees do not crib amongst themselves, rather talk to their superiors, clear all their doubts, and look forward towards a long-term association with the organization.

4. Closer working relationships- An open-door policy promotes a culture of friendly openness and builds a belief in others that the manager truly wants to be actively engaged with daily activities, thus fostering closer relationships with employees. Closed door activities can generate a feeling of formality in the work environment as well as a feeling of secretiveness, which can negatively affect relationships with subordinates. when mangers close their doors to their employees it creates room a barrier between employers and employees and when mangers doors are closed it creates room for secretive working environment.

5.Improves Teamwork – An open-door policy improves teamwork in situations whereby employees are united with one another since the open-door policy is being implemented in the organizational culture.

The implementation of the open-door policy makes managers understand the open poor policy improves organizational performance and motivates employees.

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