Nature is dying!

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Watching the video of nowhere to run, climate change is taking over drastically and the world seems to be ignoring or the world seems too oblivious to that fact, there have been changes all over the world, some changes have been happening slowly and some is constant. Each year Nigeria losses approximately 35,000 hectares of land to desert encroachment but nothing is been done about it, deforestation is killing nature, desertification is happening in the north, it moves or increases by 5-10 kilometers yearly in the Sahel savannah, what procedures can be put in place to stop this? how can we support nature and also deal with personal, future problems and goals? People are migrating from their homes because of the climate issue, starting over from the beginning is hard, especially when the family has children, farms are taken over by spillage of crude oil, their source livelihood destroyed, the people that are affected by this are not being taken care of, the money is spent elsewhere! Corruption has taken over, looking at the state of Niger Delta, a certain percentage of the money made from crude oil should be invested back in the community but corruption leads the way in this country.
Judging by the video, taking up arms in the Niger delta to fight the government is the only way for accountability from the issues they caused over there, they are applauded for taking up arms in some areas. Wildlife is important to the balance of nature, if all trees are fell and the soil is corrupted by farming, how does nature want to be balanced, the human population has increased beyond control, and resources are depleted. An increase in sea level in sea level by one meter could result in the loss of 75% of the Niger Delta. Lake Chad shrank in the area from 22,902km in 1963 to 1,304 in 2000, it was the main source to over 70 million people, it was the 6th largest lake in the world.
The insurgency in the north, people join just for the financial schemes, they offer financial benefit and attract members through these schemes and then they are indoctrinated, Nigeria accounts to roughly one-sixth of worldwide gas flaring, about 45 million tons of carbon- dioxide is released during crude oil production, we are contributing to the problems of the world and are not providing any solution. The amount of gas being burnt is enough to generate electricity throughout a small town. Gas flaring affects society as a whole, it leads to cancer, Leukemia, acid rain because of the release of nitrogen and sulphuric gases, it affects the growth of crops, causes skin diseases and breathing difficulty.
Ikarama community in Bayelsa was once a fishing community but due to oil spillage, it contaminated their waters, toxic waste from chemicals in drilling processes, which killed fishes and caused sickness. Companies like Shell and NNPC were operating in the area, agencies responsible for regulating these companies were not performing their duties.
Dealing with climate problems, the effects it has on nature, the effects it has on humans and the community should be made aware, solutions should be brought out, nature is slowly dying.


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