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There are different types of marketing strategies but there are two major types that more or less encompasses all the others. They are; Robotic Marketing and brand story telling (brand story as I like to call it).

Robotic marketing involves using AI, Data extraction tools such as mobile monkey, ad intelligence and the likes for getting targeted ads, SEO, SMM and a whole other stuff to get our products “in the face” of our consumers. On the other hand, there’s a new strategy known as brand story telling which is gaining traction.

I will begin by telling a story;

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters named Truth and Story. They always had this tussle about who was more beautiful. In earnest, Truth looked better than Story. She was also calm, “prep and proper” while on the other hand, Story was more edgy, adventurous and outspoken.

One day, they decided to have a contest to determine who was more beautiful. They both agreed to work past the market and see who gets more people to pay attention and cheer at them.

When the “d day” came, Truth been too confident decided to go first. As she walked past the market, she was very modest, calm and not too expressional. A few people came out to stare and cheer at her.

When it got to Story’s turn, she was more expressional as she walked past the market. She made gestures, cat walked as she flaunted her hair. Everyone in the market came out to stare, cheer and clap for her. It was so obvious that it became clear to Truth that Story had won.

End of my story….

People are tired of been sold to. They want to connect with the brand they patronize.

Our entire existence is one big story. We go out, meet people, talk about it, it is all a journey.

“Tell a story, stories are us”

Why do you need to tell a story?

  • Emotion
  • Attention
  • Response

When you watch a horror movie, what do you feel?

Fear, emotion, anxiety and a whole burst of other emotions.

Why do you feel this ways towards a fictitious concept?

There’s a science behind story telling that it releases oxytocin to the brain, which is a stress relieve chemical. Our brain responds to stories.

People should respond to your brand emotionally. With a good story they will pay more attention and have a response which in this context is “SALES”.

How do you tell a story with your brand?

Humanize your brand! It is as easy as it sounds. Your customers should know the human element behind the brand. Do less of robotic marketing and get your customers on board with your story, your journey. You can humanize your brand in a couple of ways which includes;

  • Relatable
  • Transparent
  • Gratitude
  • Inspire

I’ll continue this series in a subsequent post and if you enjoyed reading this be sure to leave a comment and be on the look-out for the part 2.

Your Brand is your story

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