My Friend’s Mother In Law

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My Most Priced Experience this Week. – True life story

I recently visited my 8 months old pregnant friend (Gina), and UNFORTUNATELY, I met her mother-in-law (Mrs K).

Me: Good afternoon ma (almost kneeling, and smiling a lot)

MIL: (Reached out to hug me) how are you, my daughter?

Me: I’m fine ma. You?

MIL: I’m trying to be fine o. Hoping that God will make my son have a beautiful and respectful wife like you. Hmm. Ibo girls are so disrespectful, I won’t wish them on my enemies. How did my son not see you first? (At this point, I’m rolling my eyes).

I could tell immediately that there was a hitch between my friend and her mother-in-Law. So rather than say amen, I made a confused face and zoomed off.

Here is the story

Gina is a 32 year old girl who got married at 27, got pregnant at 29, but had a miscarriage when the foetus was a little over 6 months old. It was a really emotional time for G as she had been trying to have a kid for about 2 years prior. Fastforward to last month, my pregnant friend and her husband had planned to change their house location, but since Mrs K TEMPORARILY lives with them (because she wants to make sure another pregnancy is not miscarried), it was only normal to carry her along.  

The couple wanted a budget friendly two bedroom apartment, but Mrs K insisted that they got a 3 bedroom and even offered to financially support them.

The Problems began

  1. Mrs K got a padlock and instructed G never to step her foot into her room, afterall, they only planned to rent a two bedroom apartment, and the additional money she gave them was so she can PERMANENTLY have a room to herself.
  2. Mrs K created a mini kitchen in her so called room, consisting of a camp gas, pots and food stuff. She had told G countlessly about how much she hates the Ibo feel in her food.
  3. Once mama had cooked, she would serve her son parts of it and tell him she will always make healthy meals for him.
  4. She once told G she only tolerated her because she carried her grandson.

The Final Straw

On one of the Mrs K’s private cooking occasions, the room caught fire. Mama had slept off while boiling water for eba, so the whole place was in flames. G, in her heavily pregnant state had to step in to save the situation, as her husband was not in the house.

In annoyance, G snapped at Mama and told her she couldn’t wait for her to leave.

I will leave what happened next to your imagination.

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  1. Wahala! lol. Abims, you can’t do this to mankind. complete it jor. I leased my imagination to MC. Hope G is fine though, Thank you for being a good friend. Miscarriages are the worst. Happy for her fulfilled good news. Sending love and light.

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