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A Prayer for my Son

Ezinne Okuku Written by Ezinne Okuku · 3 min read >

Hurray! It is my son’s birthday weekend. He’s two in a few days. It has been such an emotional roller coaster for me. Having a child was by choice. I was ready for the work, wakes, and demands (Lol, so I thought but really, is anyone ever ready? Trust me, nothing prepares you better than the reality itself). Importantly, Motherhood is a personal choice. It is Life-changing and a phenomenal journey. Interestingly, it has taught me patience. However, having a child/ children or young dependent is a full-time job that requires total and passionate sacrifice. When you become a parent/ guardian, you take on a hero role unlike any other.

The Beginning

For example, I dreaded pregnancy and the accompanying discomforts. Every day was a painful joy but we managed to stay happy, positive, and strong. However, I danced a lot back then (as a coping mechanism) mostly, not for joy but to send happy vibes to my little Genius.

Also, the birthing period was long, tiring, painful, Ahhh! again, very long, but all that pain, kind of vanished when I held him in my arms for the very first time. Although, I gained strength and courage but that is nothing compared to the pain of nursing a sick child. Oh, the fear, the ache, the shiver!

The Shiver

Recently, I had to watch my son fight through for life and growth. By grace and love, he pulled through better and stronger. I remember calling my Mom one of those nights; I felt drained, stretched, and scared. It felt as though at the same time in my young life, everything was pushing and pulling at me with no compassion nor reason for excuse. Then, she said

“If you have nothing to fear or worry about, then, I fear something is wrong. Don’t worry, Young Warlord, He will be fine and you too, everything will be just alright.”

My Momma

Later, Mom shared her episodes and encouraged me to stay strong and cheerful. I am grateful for the support of an amazing husband, friends, and family. I know there are so many people going through storms but we put on a smile, cover up the pain and scares, and go about our daily assignments until we are in our shells again. Although it may be difficult, I urge you to worry less, everything will be fine. And yes! You are doing an amazing job. Well done!

The Gift

Indeed, Children are a precious gift from God. Therefore, when the challenges of life come along, it’s easy to fear for their future but praise God, we have the gift of praying for children we love, know, and those around the world who may be facing difficult times. See, He is 2 already and we get to celebrate growth and life.

Primarily, the biblical role of parents/ guardians is to be a good stewards of the children put in our care. This requires consistent, patience, selflessness, and passionate sacrifice hence, one must be ready and willing to learn and give the best every day.

Additionally, Praying for children is one of the most powerful things you can do as a parent, carer, or compassionate human. Personally, I have experienced the importance of prayer in my child care journey and I will like to share with you, my declarations.

The Prayer

Jay, my first-born child, may you rise, never to fall.

May your live happily to enjoy the fruits of your labor and creations.

You will grow and live in wisdom, stature, grace, and favor with God and Man.

You are a man of integrity and great power; may you find great counsel.

You are planted in freshwaters.

I pray for your friends, allies, and relationships; may you give and enjoy love and loyalty.

And for his enemies; may them bring you good against all odds and regardless of self.

I pray for your teachers and caregivers; may you find favor as they find joy and pride in serving.

I pray for your siblings; may they love and respect you. May you all enjoy health and wealth in unity.

I pray for your lineage; may your name bring progress, peace, and joy to your children and their generations.

I pray for your wife; may She build with you, and honor you as you love her.

I pray for your career and purpose; may you find fulfillment, promotions, prominence, and joy in the works of his hands, to promote and preserve goodness.

Lord, I pray Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over my son.

Father, may your light shine on his path, directing him to truth, excellence, kindness, fruitfulness, and life.

I declare the same for every growing child and teenager. Also, I pray strength, love, patience, and abundance for all caregivers (parents/ guardians)

The Bow out

Mom-Mom!” There goes Jay. “That’s my cue, Guys. ‘whew’ ☺️ I have been summoned.

Hopefully, I will try to write more about my parenting journey and explore some interesting turns with you (from pre-pregnancy to child care). In the meantime, it will be nice to read your peculiar experience on love, prayer, and care for someone dear. Kindly share in the comment section.

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Until next time, Stay happy. Stay safe.

Bye for now.

Article by Ezinne Okuku


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  1. Wonderful! I pray that the power of God will be with him in all that he does, and that he will not fall or fail, in Jesus name. Happy birthday to your munchkin and congratulations to your entire family. 🎉🎉

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