Questionable what?

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Payment is the act or practice of making a deposit or remittance to someone, or for a service.

The phrase questionable refers to something dubious in terms of its veracity or validity.

Having or demonstrating a desire to conduct dishonestly in exchange for money or personal advantage is referred to as corruption.

Bribing someone to behave in one’s favor with a gift of money or other incentive is dishonest.

In business, the term “Questionable payment” is a settlement that has a controversial and suspicious source, and is paid to influence action for personal gain.

In every organization, there is a tendency of corruption being embedded among members of staff or management. Questionable payments do not only involve bribery, but also extortion, and all forms of payment in kind, that involves influencing an action to suit one’s favor or an action that has ulterior motives leading to a premeditated outcome.

Corruption does not only exist in organizations. It exists in all spheres of life. It could be in homes, among friends, family, loved ones, foes, colleagues, business associates, the learning environment, and in our various religious assemblies. There is no one above corruption. It is only a hypocrite that will call a spade, a shovel, or a kettle, black. The moment we realize and accept the problem, then we can develop strategies to curb and eradicate corruption, and give room for fairness and a just system.
One bad egg spoils the bunch. This means that it only takes one person’s misdemeanor to affect an entire group of people negatively, and until the bad egg is flushed out, there is more room for chaos and havoc.

In some cases, people in positions of power (corrupt leaders), extort their subordinates to get something in return. Extortion is the act of acquiring anything, usually money, by coercion, threats, or force. We’ve heard of cases of managers wanting to have sexual relations with their staff in return for a promotion, or cash incentives, or cases of law enforcement officers, extorting citizens for money and their valuables or face the wrath of being unjustly arrested and detained in a police cell indefinitely with hardened criminals, if not worse.

Such systems never stood the test of time because corruption discourages efforts, causes harm to the economy, ensures leaders in positions of authority lose respect and credibility, makes it impossible to secure willing cooperation among employees, makes workers have that “all man for himself” mentality, “If the organization collects bribe, so can I”, and such actions reduce loyalty, and demoralizes employee’s productivity.

Corruption is like cancer. It starts biting in slowly, till it fully creeps in and becomes a parasite that constantly needs to be fed.

Corruption cannot be curtailed. It spreads like wildfire. It is better not to indulge in such frivolous acts than to start what cannot be finished. Only a few moral heroes remain untainted by it, due to their personal will and drive to be better humans, and better than the system, not letting the system have a negative impact on them.

Power does not corrupt people. People corrupt power – William Gaddis

The biggest disease is corruption. The vaccine is Transparency – Bono

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