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Why do we cover up what really matters the most to us? Then why do we try to deny what we are going through in the parameters of “I’m fine” or the new lie “it is well.” No, it is not and you know it.

Why do we not stand for who we really are? These questions keep running in my head, and I ask again, “what does it really matter if we have cockroaches in our cupboards, haven’t everyone?” 

Weakness is not ‘going through a lot we can not handle’ or ‘having some flaws and faults we can not get over’ rather, it is not being able to defend the fact that we are not exactly proud of where we are now, but definitely pressing towards the best version of ourselves. You want to know what I think? Perfection is overrated. Everyone wants to strive towards it, forgetting the little things that really matter, like sincerity, like vulnerability where it matters, like humanity. 

Perfection is overrated!

Why is everyone frightened of being who they truly are? We hide in shells of who we are not in the guise of ‘trying to keep a status’, or do we now have a phobia for being real?

For it is written, ‘nothing is hidden under the sun, for when light comes, it will reveal that which has been concealed’. John says, in light is darkness confused.

What then happens after the façade is exposed and all we see is that the mighty Eagle is nothing but an emaciated chicken, or worse case, a constricted duck?

On Vulnerability

I know we now sing “A problem shared don become gossip for the town”

Ask another question, when you share, and they now know, what else have they got? We should not underestimate the power of underestimation and vulnerability. It is better to be underestimated and rise than overestimated and tumble.

I mean, it is okay to not be okay. It really is okay to not have all your life under control. When you try to cover up everything rather than settling down to solutions, you just keep adding one lie, like a solid layer, on another. It is like blurring the hope of a better you; whole and stronger, to save who you are now, full of holes and hunger.

I am not asking you to put your problems on a billboard and say “hey world, I am greatly flawed.”

No, but you can walk up to a few confidants and speak up! You are hurt, broken and shattered to trust again, but will you really never trust again? So far, has your lack of trust helped you? Have you really been fine? 

Trust, be open, heal, forgive, forge ahead, for that’s the only way you can attain the status you’re pursuing.

Dear biggie, it’s time to wake up and grow up. The giant in you has slept covered for way too long. Be open, loosen yourself. 

It’s a candid advice from your little sister

Your Brand is your story

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