Tiempo de Cuentos

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“Story Story, once upon a time … Time Time”

This is the tale of a driver, named Kunle Daudu. Kunle is a driver that works for Mrs. Eno, the head of Human resources in a bank. He has an excellent record with his boss and helps refer drivers for other top officials in the bank, and also for tenants living in the estate that Mrs. Eno and Mr. Kiba resides. Mr. Kiba is the general manager at the headquarters of a bank located along Victoria Island. He lives with his family at an estate in Ikoyi.

Kunle Daudu was having a conversation with his fellow drivers at the bank he worked with his boss and pitched the offer of Mr. Kiba needing a new driver, but other drivers seemed reluctant to accept the offer as they were informed of the mistreatment and bad behavior of the Kiba’s towards their previous drivers and domestic workers.

One of the drivers, Hassan complained of similar treatment from his current madam. He also mentioned how she has a rude attitude, yells at him for the slightest reason, abuses him, and cuts his salaries whenever he comes late, even when it was unavoidable.

Kunle compares Mr. Kiba and Hassan’s boss. He mentioned how the Kiba’s have changed drivers 9 times in less than 3 years, how he overhears them shouting and insulting their drivers, and threatens their job security, even when the reason is beyond their control.

Solo, another driver in the conversation, gave his account of how he was treated like trash and contemplated committing suicide by driving himself and his boss into a trailer because working with her made him lose his self-confidence.

After Kunle remembered his family member that he recommended to the Kiba’s and how he gave his account of being undervalued and underpaid, accompanied with how they sacked 3 of the drivers he previously recommended and all the facts stated against the Kiba’s, he arrived at a conclusion that he wasn’t going to refer any worker to them.

This decision was overwhelming to his boss, as certain things were revealed to her. How the Kiba’s pay their workers a ridiculous salary of N25,000 when the driver’s allowance for a general manager at the bank was fixed at N80,000 monthly, and how they maltreat their workers, yet act like saints towards their clients, investors, and residents in the estate.

The Unethical issue clearly identified in this story has to be the mistreatment of workers by The Kiba’s. Also, Underpaying and undervaluing staff, and treating them as tools of work, also without diligence or empathy, and threatening their Job security.

It is unethical to treat humans as mere tools of work. They need to be treated with respect and diligence, as they have intrinsic values such as the ability to feel and show emotions. Proper treatment of staff is beneficial to both the worker and the employer, as it increases the level of productivity and quality of services rendered.

“A penny for your thoughts?”

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