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My Boat Stopped In Transit

Abimbola Kayode-Badmus Written by Abimbola Kayode-Badmus · 1 min read >

My Most Priced Experience This Week

I knew it was bound to happen someday. I had heard stories of boats stopping in the middle of the sea due to shortage in diesel supply or a malfunctioned engine, but that was not our case on Wednesday. A warning was passed about the coming of a big ship which can overturn our small boat, so the sailor became a little confused and thought to wait a bit.

According to him, waiting will make our boat heavier thereby reducing our chances of a capsize. At this time, we were advised to wear our ‘life’ jackets properly, while also making sure to stay calm.

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Kiki and Kire came to mind

Oh Lord! Who will take care of my beautiful girls? Does Kiki know me well enough to remember me when I’m gone? How will they feel hearing stories of their mom in this manner? Will they grow up to be just as I imagined?

Kayode Badmus came to mind

That my beautiful husband will certainly marry another lovely wife, but will he miss me and my pretty voice with those sweet delicacies? Will the new wife take care of my kids at least half as much as I would? Will my in laws love her as much as they love me?

Oh Lord! This cannot be the end of me. I cannot swim even in the bathtub. Please, let that ship just pass in peace. Save me just this once.

While these thoughts effortlessly crossed my mind, my eyes were closed. As soon as I opened them, I saw that we had moved to another point. Apparently, the waves had moved our boat farther into the sea. Suddenly, our sailor screamed (In Yoruba) ‘Wow, we are close to the shore in Ajah’.

I heaved a heavy sigh of relief, because even though it was now 7PM, I do not mind going back to Ikorodu by road.

On getting to the shore in Ajah, we were told the said ship had passed 1 hour before our sailor was even called, so we had just panicked and wasted our time. Some of my co commuters said they will prefer to get to Ikorodu by road, but I opted for the boat instead and was glad I will still get home in good time.

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