Speed Reading; Know how.

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The more you read, the more you will be better at it. The better you are at reading, the more you will increase your reading speed.

The ability to read quickly is similar to having a superpower.

Speed reading is a critical cognitive skill that allows a person to perceive and comprehend textual information with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time possible. For many persons, the capacity to read and absorb books, articles, and other written things fast would be life-changing.

Speed readers are said to reduce the amount of time they spend fixating on a single word. Sure, speed reading is a cool idea, and seeing 1,000 words per minute is technically possible. This is usually achieved by reducing subvocalization and avoiding distractions.

Speed reading is good for –

Improving concentrationYou learn to stay focused, which is important not only when reading but also while talking to someone, listening to a lecture, doing a routine task, or driving.

Boosting comprehension and memory Speed reading teaches you to better understand and remember information. As a result, research says speed readers are more efficient in surfing the Internet, reading instructions on how to assemble and operate newly purchased items, reading business letters, checking the news, or messaging with friends.

Here’s how you can enhance your reading speed –

Using the pointer method;

Evelyn Nielsen Wood, a schoolteacher, was one of the pioneers in speed reading. She claimed in the 1950s that she could read at a rate of 2,700 wpm (words per minute) if she swept her finger along the line as she read. This came to be known as the pointer method, also known as hand pacing or meta guiding. Basically, point to specific words with your finger to keep your eyes on track and avoid distractions.

The tracker and pacer method;

This is a variation on the pointer method in which the reader holds a pen with the cap on and mentally underlines each line as she reads while keeping her eye above the tip of the pen. This will speed up the rate at which you read each line and improve your focus on the words. It is entirely up to you whether or not to underline the words.

Spend no more than one second on each line and gradually increase your speed with each subsequent page.

The scanning or previewing method;

Scanning is rapidly shifting your eyes down the page, often along the center, in search of specific words and phrases. Key sentences (typically the first sentence of each paragraph), names, figures, or trigger words and ideas are all examples of these. You won’t read every word, but your eye will be drawn to the crucial ones so that you can understand the main idea. Using a mind map to organize the information you take in may be beneficial.

Because speed reading is a taught skill, it’s totally normal if you retain little information at first; nevertheless, as you train your brain and become more comfortable with the practice, your comprehension will improve.

Good luck!
Written by Norah Charles
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