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Implicit & Explicit Act

As management or employer, your responsibility to staff should be both implicit and explicit. Implicit are usually unofficially written or documented, an example is knowing not to shout at your staff. This does not necessarily have to be written but ethically right to speak with respect to your employees. Explicit here refers to officially stated policies, contracts, job description amongst others. Organizations have the obligation to not just follow the contract binding both parties but have mutual respect.

Mr. Kilo in my previous post was not genuine in his appraisal of staff, his kind words are because of his goals and feeble. His kind words are dependent on his needs, when he wants you in his corner. Every staff needs genuine applause, unhateful feedback and humane characteristics. Do unto others what you want to be done unto you.

Make People Better!

Organizations (management/employer) should be conscious that employees are not to exploited but treated with nobility and outmost worth. Exploitation towards drivers, cooks, cleaners, guards should stop. Staff should not loss their ‘self’ in the name of a company, hence having low self worth, self esteem or self respect. Make people better than you met them, this is the real fulfilment.

They are Asset!

In as much as organizations long for faithful/loyal staff, employees also want loyalty and the standard of fairness must be exhibited. Wickedness of all sort should be consciously punished, no staff is an item but an asset. Patience is a virtue and a key requirement for all human being regardless of status. A happy employer will emit a happy employee which will produce a happy/positive end result. This happiness will further extend to customers, when a staff is happy and management is part of the happiness, productivity becomes inevitable.

Be Professional!

Boss, please get busy, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. A supervisor/employer who comes to work just to witch haunt and not give support to his/her team is unethical. Give staff all resources required to deliver, it is your duty as an employer or person in charge. There are some assignments you don’t give your staff as a boss. Never transfer enmity, your staff does not have to inherit your enemies, allow them face the work paying their bills. A toxic work environment cannot be a productive place. Infact, the less toxicity and politics, the better the productivity level, treat your staff with honor. Do not tell them how to act, show them with your actions.

Ethics Begins with You!

Even if you have at one time or the other had terrible experience with seemingly bad boss’, unbearable supervisors and companies that owe staff amongst other things, it does not mean you should do same unto others. We can educate our mind into doing right and yes, it pays to be kind, to make people smile, to be morally upright, to add value to others, to be loyal, to have integrity and principles. A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything. Let ‘ethics’ begin with you, take it to business and all aspects of life.

Kindness is a Virtue!

At times, I wonder why it is so difficult to be kind to a fellow human, societal status does not make another human less than you are. Being kind does not reduce your wealth or influence. Even if you do not have a company yet, be kind to those in your sphere of contact. Don’t let kindness be eye service. Be kind to your driver, cleaner, cook, nanny and house help, do not overuse them. Pay them for their labor and add tips, it won’t hurt. It is possible to be ethical, possible to get better, but it must be deliberate. Greet, apologize when wrong, sorry does not make you weak. Learn to be grateful, say ‘thank you’, use words such as ‘please’ and mean it. A more ethical world is possible, it begins with you in your environment. A sane world is possible, it begins with you!

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