An Employers Responsibility Towards their employees. (kate Osa and Mr. kilo case study).

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Employees in an organization are  human beings and also useful resources to an organization and should be treated with love and respect by their employers, In most cases employers see their employees as machines that can be used and replaced at any time , Employees dignity should be respected and also be given a sense of belonging in a work place they should be allowed to share their  personal ideas which might be useful to there employers in running the actives of the organization .

Employees should be seen as more than strangers, employees they should see their self as a member of the organization which will make them more committed their work and also motivate them to achieve higher productivity , Employers should see their employees as full members of the company and not just a third party when employees are been treated right there is said to be a room for a good working condition in an organization, Employers treating their employees ethical also improves the brand image of the company .

Effects of Unethical behaviors by employers to their employees.

Low level of productivity – when employers don’t treat their employees ethical, they is said to be low level of performance on the part of the employees, most time they want to absent from work because of the fear of meeting the employer the next day at work.

Reduces Employees Self Esteem – When employers talk to their employees in any manner and sees them as machines employees start to lose their self-confidence of speak, share options on issues they have an idea on and even to perform tasks they have the required skills to operate.

In the case study Kate Osa and Mr. Kilo – Kate was a married lady who had worked for her company for 8yrs and has become a highly regarded manger in her company she also had the ability to deliver tough projects but her new boss Mr. Kayode Kilo who was the a banker and now runs the company lacked managerial skills although he was able to exceed the companies last profitability level only 6months after assuming office, he was intolerant with errors and scolded members of his staff for any behavior he felt was inappropriate ,he didn’t leave any room for his employees contributes during meetings and employees themselves didn’t want to contribute because of fear ,Mr. kilo over worked his staffs and called them names when ever he was upset. He was used to given his employees unrealistic goals which he knew they couldn’t achieve.

The case is a very clear an example of how employers treat their employees not recognizing his employees as key resources to the success of his business, he sees his employees as cheap machines that he could move at any time he wanted Mrs Kate had a dilemma because her husband was out of job and the financial burden of her family was on her , but the job was reducing her self-confidence ,stressful, emotional damage and emotional damage this are can be caused by unethical behavior from employers to their employees.

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