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Once upon a time in our society, we often see kids roaming the streets playing with one another for example football, hide and seek, etc. Unfortunately, that rarely happens these days. Humans are physically present but spiritually absent. We have become so addicted to the virtual world which has robbed us of our reliance on people of close proximity.

Hence our world is gradually being dominated by another planet called technology. Advancement in technology has revolutionized the way of the world and has made us significantly reliant on virtual reality. I remember the good old days when parents would call their wards to preach these beautiful words:

“Oh, my child, as you go out today, do not talk to strangers”

Who is a stranger?

A stranger is someone you do not know, one who does not belong in a specific place. Dear readers, kindly review the total number of friends and connections you have on your various social media accounts, then identify those with whom you have close relations. Most of us would find out that over 50% of them are actually strangers.

Given the status of the world today, do we really observe this caution, do we still preach this gospel to our children? Physically, on the streets, perhaps yes, but what about the internet. How much caution do we apply here? Social media is a major driver of this cause. It has made this rule insignificant.

Personally, I consider social media a polished and unreal world where we display a life we desire as against our real lives. The reason most social media participants often become unrecognizable when we meet them in person, they would have dropped all the fancy costumes used for the social media role play.

Social media on the other hand have its positive advantage. It serves as a virtual global market for entrepreneurs to market their skills and goods by eliminating the geographical barrier which served as a deterrent during the earlier years.

The COVID 19 pandemic served as an eye-opener to many organizations of how they can go about their daily businesses even without being within the same geographical space. The world is gradually embracing this virtual reality. Earlier this month, PWC announced it will allow its 40,000 US client services employees to work virtually and live anywhere they want in perpetuity, making it one of the biggest employers to embrace a permanent virtual workspace.

Now that a major company has adopted this virtual workspace. It would eventually create a multiplier effect when other organizations eventually realize the benefits both financially and in terms of social factors for example, holding meetings online has enabled savings on travelling expenses and when we consider the risk, the virtual workspace is relatively safe.

In conclusion, this technology has come to make our lives easier and has automated a lot of manual processes. Although, some of them might appear too complex to understand. However, we also have to observe caution so as not to bury the deep values in our society by alienating ourselves from the physical world.

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