Understanding The Act Of Critical Thinking.

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Critical thinking is said to be the art of ensuring that you use the best thinking you are capable of in any situation when trying to make decisions, you have to ask yourself personal questions like will be the positive or negative outcome if I go with option A or B, it also helps you consider the problems associated with any of the option you decided to go with when trying to make a strategic decision and the consequences of failing if you follow any particular option .if one is able to analyze their thinking by looking at the problem statement ,objective, criteria for choosing a particular option and the consequences of failing it would help to improve ones critical thinking skill. Successful answering of all this question in our daily thinking not only as mangers will help improve the quality of our thinking as individuals. To improve our thinking ability, we must deeply understand and learn the act of thinking.

4 recommendations to improve your thinking skills.

1.Clarify your Thinking – most times when we think as humans our individuals thinking makes more sense to us than that of others and we always feel we are right even when we are not, which  might lead us to misleading leading thinking and result to negative outcome this situation should be avoided because it’s a significant problem in making decisions .when some says something to you try and understand it and say it back to them in your own words to be sure you understand it clearly if you still don’t get it that means you haven’t truly understood the person the way you thought did .

Ways to clarify your thinking

I. State on point at a time.

ii. Elaborate on what you mean.

iii. Give examples that connect your thoughts to life experiences.

2. Stick to the point – when thinking its better to their focused on the topic and not relating the topic to other situations that are not connected to the topic which would lead to undisciplined thinking and when this occurs making the right decision while thinking will be difficult, when thinking its better and advisable not to think of unrelated issues to the topic in other to solve a problem.

3. Ask Question – as effective thinkers we should be able to ask effective question on a topic or problem when been given to us we should be able to think out of the box when answering this questions and not just taking steps to tackle the situation especially when dealing with a complex problem you should be able to formulate the question they are trying to ask you in different way in other to perform task effectively .

4.Be Reasonable – when thinking one should always lookout for reasonable and unreasonable behavior not only in your thinking but in that of others. One should be willing to listen closely to the views of their on a particular problem and so give their views some merits when you see the reasonable points they have stated.

Understanding the act of critical thinking and been a skilled thinker is one advantage for any individuals in other to solve problems.

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