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Writer’s block is described as a phase when there is a block of ideas in the mind of a writer. It is an overwhelming feeling of being stuck in the writing process without the ability to move forward. This affects not only writers and authors, but also creatives (artists, musicians, bloggers, journalists, singers, songwriters, poets, spoken word reciters, editors, content creators) and is prone to be experienced by an average person, individual or group of people.

Sometimes one could plan to create a schedule or list of things to accomplish, and all of a sudden, lose concentration and train of thought. We give ourselves goals to create a work of art, to write, to produce, to execute, to envision, but are stuck with blanks.

Questions commonly asked could be; Am I losing my mind? Is this a health issue? Am I getting old? Is it as a result of stress? Am I worried about something? I hope I’m not becoming insane. But Writers block is creative slowdown that makes authors (creatives) unable to produce new work or experiences. It could be described as an inability to focus, or loss of inspiration. It is a temporary or lasting failure to pen ideas down on paper or record. It could sometimes last for a minute or two, or could take days, weeks, months, or even years.

The major problem associated with Writer’s block is when the writer is given a deadline, as in the case of newspaper journalists, fashion bloggers, editors, game designers, software developers, etc., and untimely submission of the article or body of work could affect the daily running of the business, thereby affecting revenue and consumer satisfaction, which tends to cause a shift in consumers preference and lead to lack of trust in the efficiency of such entity or organization. Readers and general audience start to doubt and question the authors credibility.” All that sounds quite frustrating right?”

” How can one tackle writers block?”

“What are the key things to do to resolve this creative slowdown?”

Firstly, knowing this is a common condition that could be experienced among writers, the first course of action is to take a deep breath. Most times writer’s block comes as a result of accumulated tension or anxiety.

One could perform different breathing exercises just to relieve a bit of the pressure and stress. Start by inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose while keeping your shoulders relaxed, then exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat this exercise until you start to feel better.

Occasionally, writers block could be caused by adverse circumstances; personal problems, financial restrictions, depression, emotional commitments, physical illness, or a sense of failure.

The best way to overcome writers’ block is by:

  • Developing a writing habit. What one gets used to, becomes a natural routine and is resourceful. You must constantly put yourself in a creative space, not necessarily waiting for a task to be assigned before getting creative. “Creativity is a habit” one must inculcate in his lifestyle.
  • Quit searching for perfection. Most times we often want to produce a perfect piece of work, but one needs to realize the beauty in imperfection. Mistakes need to be made in order to be corrected.

Learn to Free-write and avoid being too hard by putting too much pressure on yourself. “Perfection is the enemy of good”. The goal is to be creative, not perfect.

  • Engage in other activities. Taking a shower, treating yourself to a nice glass on wine, and watching a movie, or going for a show, will not just alleviate the pressure of writing, but also give you a different perspective, and could open the door to new ideas and inspiration.
  • Write about something else. Switch your point of view. Jot down random ideas, then start to build on them. This could ease up the mind and also give room for creativity and less self-criticism.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all – Charles Bukowski”

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