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Football is said to be a game between two teams involving running, passing around the object of the sport (a ball), kicking the ball into a goal post which is at both ends of a rectangular field, and deriving a point per goal. It has different playing methods, rules, regulations, and can be described in different ways according to each region. There is American football, Canadian football, Australian rules football, British Rugby, and Soccer.

Football to some is a game, to others, it’s a lifestyle. Different clubs have their supporters and loyal fans who devote their time and resources to their love for the game. Different feelings and emotions emanate from the love and passion the sport produces in the hearts of its fans and global supporters.

Football can best be described from a personal point of view. It has past records and facts which show the history and glorious moments the game has experienced.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The Federation of International football association (FIFA) committee announced in May of 2004, that the FIFA World cup of 2010 would be held in South Africa. After many years of contesting for the honorary position to be the host country for this prestigious, globally recognized competition, the great people of South Africa and their former President/Social rights activist, Late Nelson Mandela (Madiba), were beyond honored to accept the gracious opportunity of hosting the tournament.

This saw preparations being made within the course of six years that led to the success of the competition and brought honor and recognition, not only to the country of South Africa but also to the African continent as a whole. The eventful competition left viewers and football lovers all over the world with indescribable feelings and a rush of emotions which left a lot of memories for the world of football.

We saw a wonderful Opening Ceremony that featured great musical performances from the likes of R’Kelly with his global hit “Sign of Victory” featuring the Soweto Spiritual Singers. The competition also introduced us to the Somali-Canadian singer/songwriter, K’Naan, who brought us together in unison, with his World Cup Anthem “Waving Flag”, and the Colombian sensation, Shakira, got the world on their feet with her electrifying, African inspired song – “Waka Waka (Time for Africa)” which featured South African Afro-fusion band, Freshly ground, and how can we forget the famous Vuvuzela?

Several individual football masterclass moments were recorded in the history books. The flying header from the Dutch striker, Robin Van Persie, the introduction of the young Colombian midfielder, James Rodrigues, who ended up winning the FIFA Puskas award for his world cup goal against Uruguay in 2014.

The world cup also saw the crowning of Spain’s National Football team as the Champions of the tournament. With top-class players like Iker Casillas, Carlos Puyol, Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, David Villa, Fernando Torres, the Spanish team showed great teamwork, dexterity, and composure that gave them the speed, agility, and attacking prowess they needed to finish at the top with a remarkable performance that earned them the title of World Champions of Football in 2010.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love for what you are doing – Pele.

You can overcome anything if, and only if, you love it enough – Lionel Messi.

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