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Dignity definitions from Oxford

the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect

In order to govern human beings; we need to know them well and their value even more than we need to know how they are likely to react in different situations. The spiritual nature of man is also apparent from the fact that he is capable of free choice. At the most radical level, this power of determination allows human beings to plan a course for their whole life and commit themselves to a political cause etc.

Human intelligence can understand abstract universal ideas (man ,tree),non –material realities (God truth, justice),non-existing beings (fairies) and negative concepts (nothingness) while no material reality (including the brain)is universal non-material ,non-existing or negative .The point of this is that no subject would be able to produce and relate to entities with such properties if it were itself purely material; this leads us to the need of posting a spiritual reality in man if we are to be able to account for man’s capacity for abstract thought.

Perhaps the clearest pointer to the fact that man has a spiritual nature that transcends a purely material would is to reflect that in a purely material world it would be impossible for man to have true knowledge.

The real universe is much more complex than the simplified model we have just considered ,but if only material factors affected it, it would be also a universe rigidly determined in which in principle it would be possible to forecast the position of every particle at any future time(of course in practice it would  still be impossible to do this because in the real universe there are so many elements and so many factors many still not fully understood we have to be taken into account) .But the point is that in a purely material universe the situation of every single particle at every future time is rigidly pre-determined.

 Human being has a spiritual nature endowed with understanding and freedom which sets him far above any other animal and has an eternal destiny.

As a manager self –leadership, leading others influencing others positively, communication contributes to better relationship of the company As manager   will should know that every human being has personal dignity and wants it to be respected also in the workplace. Therefore organization functioning in the knowledge, their full commitment, self -control and loyalty cannot treat them as deprived of dignity individuals contrary to using traditional human resource management methods and tools, dignity management does not require material Investment. It requires however a change in the approach to human resources management both from superiors and subordinates. It is not an easy process but an appropriate organizational culture based on dignity values, engagement , mutual trust and loyalty as well as clear rules for rewarding and punishing, facilitate the implementation and use of dignity management in organization, expectations and on other hand allows organization to meet expectations of employees.

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