Effective Communication as an essential tool in Leadership.

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Communication in the world today is said to be key and cannot be inevitable. communication is said to be a means of sending or receiving information from one person to another. Communication in leadership is communication consists largely of messages related to a company’s culture and core values. The most important goal of leadership communication is to cultivate a sense of trust in the workplace through the messaging coming from leaders, keeping employees engaged and focused on the right direction. In the world today for one to be a great leader the person must have good communication with his or her subordinates which would lead to the growth and progress of that organization. Communication in leadership also stands a tool that enhances time work in and organization which enables leaders and their employees to work as a team and avoid conflict. There are some key reasons why leaders need effective communication to be effective leaders they are stated below-

Align employees with the company culture– effective communication helps employees to stay focused on the goal and delivering a good customer service to their customers, employees would also get understand the core values of their organization when it is said to be effectively communicated by their leaders.

Build trust within the workplace-the way leaders interact and communicate with their employees would serve as a vehicle for building trust. What we say, how we say it, and how we respond to what others communicate can make or break trust. That is why effective communication is one of the key factors that build trust.

 Encourage two-way conversations and open dialogue– In today’s modern workplaces, leaders are more likely to be seen sitting alongside employees, facilitating a culture of inclusivity with an emphasis on two-way communication and open dialogue. Physically sitting alongside every employee is not often possible, particularly for global organizations, so leadership teams must get creative in connecting and engaging with employees, emulating a means by which they can virtually ‘sit’ alongside teams, regardless of their physical location, title, or role.

Prevent internal miscommunications in organizations -Good effective communication skills help to avoid conflict among employee and helps employees to perform the task been given to them effectively.

 Improves teamwork in an organization – when are leader is able to communicate effectively there is said to be room for teamwork and unity in the organization and tasks are been performed, it would also lead to the growth of the organization as the saying goes United we Stand, Divided we fall.

Effects of Bad Communication in Leadership

Failure in completing task-Non effective communication could lead to having uncompleted projects in an organization which would have a negative effect on an organization.

High level of stress on the leader – when a leader doesn’t have good communication in his organization there is said to be a hi level of stress on the leader because his employees lack knowledge of what exactly their leader wants them to and the right actions to take.

It’s obvious that, the cost of poor leadership communication is extremely high. But, the right internal communications strategy, and the implementation of the best leadership communications practices, can help leaders improve their communication efforts and eliminate the biggest leadership communication challenges being faced today.


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