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The life of most military officers in Nigeria begins with the gruesome interview process at the Nigeria Defense Academy, During this process prospective cadets who passed the entrance exams are subjected to a two week physical training exercise often described as  the interview to determine if you can survive the regular course, “the 5 year military training” (which is a story for another day). At the end of that tunnel (that is the military training) the light of second lieutenant (or its equivalent in other sister forces) awaits anyone that emerge triumphant from the tunnel. Before you get into that tunnel to pay your dues in sweat and blood, a candidate must pass the two week interview. The equivalent of the two week interview is the one month “Brush-up sessions” in Lagos Business School.

The Brush-up sessions like it’s sister in the Nigerian Defense Academy is designed to prepare you for the MBA program, in this case the tunnel. Although, unlike its sister she is designed to prepare you for the mental rigors that await you ahead. Don’t be misled by the calm poise of the program as she is doing more work internally on you than you could imagine. The tunnel that awaits every MBA participant is filled with rigors but with will, dedication and courage the chance to be truly refined awaits every one that not just reach for the light but grab it.

Let me describe the Brush-up sessions, first week is filled with vibes that suggest ” hey, I feel butterflies in my belly” mainly because of the euphoria that comes with being in not just a business school but, the business school. The warnings and advise from the Facilitators sounded like mind games that “the special one” Jose Morinho would play with Arsene Wenger before a Sunday evening FA cup final match. The second week was still filled with the same warnings but this time it was more precise. You can now make heads but not tails yet of the information we received. Let’s put it into context the warnings and advise hit their target like “John Wick” chasing someone that hurt his dog. A sudden breeze would hit you during the week you then feel that urgent need to ask yourself some questions. The warnings! The advice! Is there an ounce of truth to the words I have been listening to? The third week continues the very same way; at this point you begin to wonder in pigin “to japa or not to japa”. The workload is stepped up a notch in a way, this would help with your transition into the program. During the third week, we are drawing  closer to the tunnel; we have no idea what rigors live within. One truth I learnt at the end is “Tye your wrapper on your waist” the refining process has begun! 


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