Ways in Building One’s Character

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Man has been traditionally defined as a rational animal. It is true that man is rational and this set him immeasurably above other animals.

Hormones play a very important role in regulating emotions and thereby in directing animal behavior.Adrenaline for instance is a hormone which is released in situations of danger.

Emotions factors are crucial in order to have a successful life.Another way in which we can help people change their behavior is by finding ways of lowering the emotional barriers they face in behaving in a certain way.

Another very important consequence of the fact that man far from being a purely rational being is strongly influenced by emotions is that whenever we are certain that we are moved by purely rational considerations, we are likely to be deceiving ourselves. Emotions always exert a strong influence over us making potential courses of action either appealing or distasteful.

A person such as a manager, who often has to make decisions, should develop a measure of humility and always keep in mind that he has to learn from views of others and he always open to their criticism.

Besides having sensible knowledge of specific objects present to him (as other animals) man is able to identify constant properties in class of objects and know in abstract way, independently of specific examples and specific images.

The will is an intellectual appetite that is an appetite by which we feel attracted (or repelled,or angry ,or happy ,or curious.) by anything which we understand (perhaps mistakenly)to be good (or bad,or…)for us. Another way of putting this is to say that the will is the sort of appetite that follows upon rational cognition.

Accountability:Surrounding yourself with people with high expectations who will help you keep your commitment and adhere to your moral commitment.

Take Risk:We need to step out of our comfort zone to be active participants in creating opportunities for ourselves.

Mentor ship:Character can be built through mentoring via ethical training,religion,culture,training and accountability,change of environment or events.

Reward System:Compensation is another way,this means applauding good character definitely helps to build better character.

Education: Personnel education,formal and Informal education.Personnel education emphasizes on the efforts you put into develop yourself personally.Formal education refers to normal education in the classroom because the school has a socialization function that helps students learn the culture of the school.The stipulated values and norms help put us in alignment.

Environment:Internal and External environment .Internal factors referring to family and upbringing .External factors are friends,age groups,folks etc.

Interest and Self discipline.

Past experiences with people and environment after observation.

Religious Teaching:Faith in a divine being who rewards good deeds and punishes bad ones helps guide people’s actions and shape character.

Integrity:An innate trait through self awareness and determination to do the right thing.


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