Time Management as a key element to Success

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                Time Management is said to be one of the tools that enhances success, which I learnt during my brush up session at the time management class. Time is one thing that can’t be bought back to it is always advised not waste it on not important or not urgently needed activities. Time itself can be defined been indispensable you can’t save it so when you lose time it can’t be recovered. Time management is said to be the ability t to use one’s time effectively or productively in other to achieve life term goals both long term and short also to achieve success.

The first step for effective time management in other to achieve goal and success is to set priorities and goal when planning your day -this would help you know the activities to attend to first and to know your time wasters as an individual. Planning your day ahead will not also help you achieve your goal it would also help you stay organized as an individual wish is one of the elements of been a successful person. The time management matrix tool is also a tool that helps us to know our urgent and important activities for the day which leads us to success.

The second step to effective time management is to focus on one task at a time when given a lot of task to do multitasking can be a major for of distraction which  lead to failure ,most times as individuals we feel we can multitask but the truth is that true efficiency is when you finish on task before moving on to another, Instead of actually achieving more multitasking can lead to time wasting. Focus is one of the key elements in achieving success most of our successful role models have had to focus on their dreams, goals and visions to achieve success.

Use of time management apps tocology is now one way in people can track their time management skills in other to be able them know when they are wasting their time which daily tasks that are not urgent and don’t need aid the use of this time management tracking app can have your to do list on the tracking app on your mobile phone or your laptop which can aid effective time management skills and said in achieving goals. Time Management is said to play a major role in achieving success because of the following:

Time Management helps to improve productivity -when there is effective time management there is said to be a higher chance that productivity would improve because individuals will be able to identify their important takes and know how to accomplish them in other to achieve goals. Time Management helps us to meet our deadlines and achieve goals without stress it helps you to achieve tasks with stress because you will be able to prioritize the important tasks individuals should do first when running your day-to-day activities to achieve goals and be successful

This words by Golda Meir which says ‘I must govern the clock and not be govern my it ‘should keep us going and also help remind us on how to be mindful of our time in other to achieve success.

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