Responsibility of an Organization towards its employees

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There is a relationship between an organization and its employees, this employment relationship should be based on mutual respect, and employees need to understand the objective of the organization to perform well and must adhere to the regulations given by the organization.
Ethical treatment of an employee should be an important objective of any organization which truly wants to progress, a few fundamental principles should be followed:
Because of the value and dignity of human beings, they should be treated with respect and concern (Tech. material): treating employees with dignity promotes self-respect, influences an organization’s ability to foster wellbeing, and drives productivity. Humans are not a tool to achieve the organizational objective, each employee should be treated with value, care, and concern. There are negative effects when an employee’s dignity is not treated with respect, it causes distress, leads to depression. The interests of the firm and employee must be mutually exclusive, balancing the satisfaction of employees should be close to that of the shareholders.
In addition, working in some organizations in Nigeria can be very toxic, I have seen situations or I have been in situations where senior staff does not want you to have self-respect, they say dehumanizing words, treat people below them without dignity, and value.
Another ethical demand is for the firm to discharge in good faith its obligations under the contract into which it has entered with the employee: there are implicit and explicit terms and agreements, terms which are clearly stated and those which do not have to be but should be understood between employees and organizations, though it might not be legally binding to follow implicit terms but should still be followed. Organizations sometimes are of the acts in using implicit promises or agreement to hold down promising employees, not allowing them to go further their careers in a better organization that will offer growth and development in their careers.
Furthermore, employees are not strangers in which the firm has a contractual relationship, they should be treated with value, like family and it should more or less feel like a community, there should be an open line of communication between the firm and employees. The firm should also be fair in its dealings with employees, employees should have job satisfaction, job security, and appraisals of performance. There are opportunities for firms that employ ethical considerations n dealings with employees, high employee involvement which leads to productivity and increases profitability, working in a safe place brings out the real value of a person, they can freely express themselves in their work, organizations which do not trust its employees will most times attain effectiveness but there is no synergy in their work, every staff will be out for themselves and will only seek individual goals or objective.
Delegating tasks and trusting employees to carry them out also emboldens them to trust the management, passing of information produces higher participation of employees, they tend to do better when the organization acknowledges their involvement, giving acknowledgment or recognition boosts morale.

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