Human Emotions

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Dealing with emotions as a human being Man from the course context depicts different characteristics in reasoning because of intelligence and emotions embedded in him. Man from the Christian conception recognizes a spiritual dimension in human beings that gives rise to the question: is man really free? Obviously Man has different reasoning patterns that govern him that’s why he can make decisions as it suits for that moment.

Take for instance the Trafigura and probo koala scandal that was a case in the nature of human beings course brought tragedy and disaster to a community because of a decision bore out of mere instincts. From their point of view dumping the waste at a lower cost was the best decision. Of course the company was established with the core of making profit so it was cheaper to dump it in the eastern part of Africa Ivory coast. The health implication was not factored in.In their decision to dump the waste.  The course also shows the nature of human beings as being rational and on the other hand an animal. Humans have the ability to be indecisive thereby making hasty decisions not minding the outcome even though ruled by emotions and instincts. The Trafigura case is one of inhumane decision for the cost effectiveness of the company but at the detriment of human lives. Instead of bringing wealth, Trafigura brought tragedy to them. However the interview with the co-founder of Trafigura Eric de Turckheim in the Trafigura and probo koala scandal points to the rationality of humans. There was no remorse what so ever for dumping toxic waste in Ivory Coast that made about 2000 people sick and ultimately killing 3. Also some families have not been able to recover from the tragedy. There is a twist to this case as the toxic waste was initially rejected by the Dutch with a price tag of half a million euros to make safe but instead they decided to take a decision that in the end not only questioned their reputation but led to the loss of lives.

Moreover there is a contrast in the rationality of Humans as we see in “The letter to Almudena” where the theme captures patience, sacrifice and above all love. The decision here captures humanity and the zeal to be selfless. The subject here is referred to as incapable of doing evil and taking joy everywhere they go. How can one write a letter to someone knowing fully well that the person cannot read it? This goes beyond the norms as the writer shows that every life is to be appreciated despite all odds. The course from all ramifications shows how man can make certain decisions as it suits him. During the period of this course I was able to relate some experiences to real life situations. People have made certain decisions that in the end hurt me. Each time I try to know why people act the way they act to even hurt others I’m at a dead lock. Not until I enrolled at Lagos Business School and picked up this course “The nature of human persons” did I realize that man is indeed a rational being.


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