Nature Of Human Beings (General overview)

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Nature of human beings (General overview)

              Man is a unified entity. He is not a spirit or soul, but he is the two in a body. Before making a decision, our will power is generated so as our intellect. Our decision is based on which ever thought has the strongest will power.

Man is a social being. Right from inception, man and animals have always belonged to a social group either family, work, school in a community or state. Animals are no exceptions. they move in flock(group of eagles), pride( a group of lion) band( a group of gorillas) and so on.

As Humans, we ought to use our intellect in making decisions and not emotions. Man and animals are both social beings, but what distinguishes man is that we are blessed with intellect (sense of reasoning). Man’s feelings and emotions can be influenced by his intellect. As Humans, we also have the right to freedom. Yes, from this, we get to make choices, varying from is this the right route to follow? If I go this way, will it lead to the aimed destination? Or even, should I sleep or read for this exam? It is safe to say that the choices we make in life takes us a step closer or perhaps, further apart from our intended goal. These decisions should be based on our intellect. Using intelligence to drive decisions we make thereby managing our complex nature. Intelligence can be based on prior knowledge or past experiences.

Freedom is the ability to choose an alternative; to make a choice. There may be constraints, but man is still free to make a choice. Men are free because they are intelligent. Animals are slave to their impulses, but humans are capable of abstract thinking. We are free to make choices but not free from the consequences that comes as a result of those choices.

      Whenever we find ourselves in a particular situation, it is important to step back and process the situation before deciding. Focus on the long-term effect of before making a decision. Focus on how it would affect or impact your life, ask questions, will this matter in the long run? Am I acting based on emotions? It is always important to step back and analyze the situation before acting.

  Human beings can be rational and irrational in nature, however, with cognitive capacity of knowing and understanding, capacity for self determination to chart a course, commit to it and a drive to attain fulfilment. These capacities show man’s superiority over animals together with the spiritual nature man has. Like animals, man dies and is eventually buried but his soul cannot be destroyed because it has components. Therefore, Humans are infinitely valuable.

As business managers, we should not get so engrossed in our goals thereby using individuals as tools. We should not subject people to manipulation in order to attain our goal. It is very important and ethical as a manager to respect your team’s dignity. If we treat everyone with dignity, we will have increased safety, less stress greater work satisfaction, enhanced job performance and improved relationships there by making it easy for people to cooperate with your request and treat you well in return. In other words, treat people how you want to be treated.                 

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