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This is the new home of the LBS MBA experience, formerly on

African Musings is a multi-author blog by MBA students from the Lagos Business School, Nigeria. The writings (three posts weekly) form part of the requirements for the Management Communications MBA course. It is for many their first journaling experience and most leave the course desiring to continue writing. That is my wish for them!

I believe that our writing improves the more we write. Over the past seven years since I made this a compulsory aspect of my communications class, I’ve seen a number of literary gems and read a number of truly moving (if not dramatic) experiences.

Some begin this writing experience in pain, but most end up loving it. Whether you end up loving it, or looking forward to the end of the course, my wish is that you improve with each writing. I will do my best to read (most of) them, and then share on the social media handles of African Musings.

For seven years this blog has lived on That site is active and still available for past MBA students to continue to blog, but this will be the blog home for new students. Several reasons drove the change:

  • As good as Moodle is (the LMS running iclass), it is not made for blogging.
  • WordPress (the software behind this) may be better.
  • It will be easier to highlight the best articles and give you more publicity. I know, you’d rather some of your writings not be seen in public. Remember what we said about making yourself vulnerable. Put them “out there”, and just enjoy yourself.

Why the name “African Musings”? I wanted to retain iclass, but I didn’t want to close the other site (just yet). I toyed with several names, but my research assistants settled for this, and their arguments were strong. I hope you like it.

The copyright for the articles and photos posted here remain the property of their respective authors.

[Photo credit: Eugene Ohu. Location: Erie, PA]

Some house keeping…

All other posts (apart from this one) are placeholders. As the students post their articles, and the spaces get populated, I would delete those.

And oh, if you can help it, avoid posting pictures in the body of the article, unless they are small photos. You may just use a “Featured image”. You’ll find it on the right side of the edit page. I don’t have a lot of server space 🙂

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My name is Eugene. I teach at the Lagos Business School. I manage this blog on behalf of my MBA students. Profile

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