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I recently reconnected with a friend whom I had lost contact with for over ten years now. After we had hugged and exchanged pleasantries, his compliments puzzled me. Of course, he complimented me with comments such as: “you look more beautiful than you were ten years ago, you look younger than your age, it looks like you have been keeping your weight in check….” Then he said, “You seem at peace. There is this aura of calmness all around you, and you do not look troubled at all. Tell me, what is the secret?”

I was short of words, and I froze for a few seconds. I did not expect such a compliment, even though it was positive. All I could say after some moments of de’javu was “thank you”, and when he asked what the secret was, I gave the usual response: “it is God o”. I owe it all to God!

You might wonder why I was taken aback by my friend’s compliment; why I thought the compliment was not in the same as the other compliments. Well, the answer is simply that as at that moment; I was going through a lot of stress from work and home. His compliment surprised me because it was a complete opposite of what I was feeling. I did not expect my troubles to be easily noticed by anyone, but if he had noticed it and mentioned it, he would not be telling a lie.

Could you be troubled inside and exude peace or calmness?

But guess what? My friend was right after all!

I might have been at a low point at that moment, but the feeling was not constant. I have had several pleasant moments. I always made conscious efforts to ensure that I feel happiness. A good laugh is what I always treat myself to.

Truly, a repeated action becomes a habit, and it stays it with you. To be truly happy is to be at peace, and that was what my friend perceived.

It is also true that a faked feeling of happiness does not last; it wears off easily. However, permit me to say that you can create happiness. I would not exactly say ‘fake it until you make it’, but I would say, ‘practice it until it becomes part of you.’ Friend, life itself is tough. Everything in life is a struggle. You have to work hard to get what you want, and sometimes, you do not get what you want despite working hard.

The good news is that God created us to subdue the earth. That is to say, we must not let the affairs of the earth have control over us, define us, or determine how we live our lives. We must remain in total control. That is the mandate from God!

So, how do you maintain control over life? Be happy always. Do not allow the toughness of life to get the better of you. Do you remember the saying, “when life throws you lemons, make a lemonade?” It simply means to take control of your life.

Happiness is good a thing and I want to recommend that you always take the time to have a good laugh. Now I do not recommend that you laugh all by yourself, I recommend you have a laugh partner.

A laugh partner could be a close friend, or a group of friends. Plan regular hangouts with your friend(s), and when you hang out, you should only talk about things that would cause laughter. A laugh partner could be comedy movies; this was my first laugh partner. Plan regular visits to the cinemas to watch comedy movies. Stay away from the action movies or the romance movies if you really want to be intentional about it. A laugh partner could also be going on adventures; climbing mountains or doing stuff that you have never done before. The expectation is that your failed attempts would cause you to laugh. This was my second laugh partner.

Unlike a life partner, you can have several laugh partners as you have read from my examples. What matters is that you have to create an environment for laughter. And when you do create your environment for laughter, let your laughter come from the depths of you so that it can bear a seed inside of you. The more you laugh, the faster the seed of happiness grows inside, until it begins to bear fruits.

True happiness breeds peace and suppresses worry. This is the reason my friend could not see my troubled state, because I have grown to become a happy person over time.

You should give it a try – have a laugh partner.


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